If you're new to Good Club or our zero waste deliveries, you might be wondering how to get your boxes back to us? Never fear! It's very simple. Here's some illustrated instructions to help you through your first delivery.

1. Delivery

Our driver will drop your boxes at your front door or safe place - you don't need to be home for delivery. Don't worry about them being left out in the rain, they should keep your products safe for hours.

1. Undo reusable zip ties

Our boxes come sealed with reusable zip-ties - try not to cut them, you'll need them later!

To undo, press the small catch on the zip-tie in to release, and slide the tail of the zip-tie through to clasp.

2. Unpack

It's time to get all these lovely products into your cupboards! Unpack your goodies but be sure not to throw away any of the paper packaging; we take that back and reuse it too!

3. Decant

Empty any zero waste products out of the white, returnable pots and into your own jars or containers. If you don't have anything available, keep hold of the returnable pot until you've used it up and send it back then.

4. Pack

Put all your empty pots (from this order or previous ones) back into the box, along with all the delivery packing paper. If you received multiple boxes, put it back in the smallest box you have.

5. Nest

If you have multiple boxes, drop the smaller ones inside the large ones. You can nest a maximum of two small ones inside a large.

6. Seal

Grab the zip-ties that came on your box. Slide the tail of the zip-tie through the holes at either end of the box lid. Push the tail through the clasp and pull tight.

7. Return

If you've chosen to have your boxes collected from home, put your boxes back outside your door or in your safe place. Hermes will be along the next working day after delivery to collect (we'll send you a text and email to remind you).

Make sure any boxes left outside are done up with the zip-ties and have two courier labels stuck on the outside of the box. Any boxes with only one label will not be collected and must be nested inside the other boxes.

Don't worry about the boxes getting wet or someone taking them that shouldn't - we take full responsibility for them once they've left your house.

Hermes will try and collect up to 3 times, so if your box doesn't get taken right away, they'll try again the next day. If you have any problems with collection, please report the issue and rebook a collection here and we'll get it fixed for you right away.

Shop drop off
If you've chosen to take your boxes back to a local Hermes parcelshop, find your closest one and drop the boxes back as soon as you get chance.

Please note that we charge a £1 per week late return fee charged for any boxes not returned after 2 weeks.

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