By sharing your invite link to Good Club, you’re offering your friends £15 off their first order. They simply have to use your unique coupon code at the checkout. After they’ve successfully ordered, you too will receive a voucher for £15 off your next order.

Additionally, we will send a parcel of food to a bank near you on behalf of you and the person that signs up.

What do I need to do / How do I share?
Head to your invite page in your account. From here you can copy your unique invite link or have it sent to your email address and/or mobile (if you have one saved with us). Paste the link into any messaging or social media platform. That's it!

How do people sign up?
New people that you invite just need to click your invite link and sign up as normal - they don't need to do anything special. You'll see a list of people who have signed up using your link on your invite page.

How many friends can I refer?

As many as you want! The more the merrier.

Can I use several vouchers at the same time?

You cannot use several vouchers on a single order. However, you can collect as many coupons as friends you successfully refer. E.g. if you refer 10 friends, you’ll get £15 off your 10 next Good Club orders.

When will you send the food parcel?
Every three months, we'll count up how many referrals we have and send out the corresponding amount of parcels. We're grouping them in this way to save on delivery costs so we get as much food to people as possible.

Where will you send the food parcel?
We'll send the parcels to a food bank as close to the referrer's address as possible. It may not always be the very closest one, as we want to group up as many parcels in an area as possible to save on delivery costs (more food for people!), but it will be as close as possible so you know you're directly helping families in your area.

What will you send?
We're currently working with the Trussell Trust to advise us on what items are most needed by families and what food banks are running low on. Each parcel will contain around £15 worth of food, household and personal items.

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