When we started designing our zero waste service, we knew we had to make sure it was truly better for the environment than continuing to use single-use packaging - the last thing we wanted was a system that saved some plastic waste but sped up global warming!

After working with Environmental Analysts to produced detailed Life Cycle Analysis of our proposed system, we found that reusing boxes (including the production of the box, transport to and from customers houses) just seven times began to reduce the CO2 produced compared to our single-use cardboard boxes.

By using durable plastic boxes and pots that we're able to reuse hundreds of times, together we'll save an amazing 400 tonnes of plastic from entering the waste stream and reduce CO2 production by 2,500 tonnes in the next 5 years.

We'll be publishing the details of our research soon, but in the meantime please be assured that we're doing everything possible to design the most environmentally friendly service possible.

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