Our prices are extremely competitive with all the major national supermarket chains and specialist health stores (no mean feat for a young, small business such as Good Club).

In a recent price comparison (Feb 20) looking at like-for-like products versus all prices that could be found online, Good Club came in 53% cheaper than the average available price across our entire range, as well as being avg. 15% cheaper than every major retailer across an average basket (inc. delivery fees).

For example, compared to leading supermarkets Ocado and Sainsbury's, we were 26% cheaper across an average basket at Ocado, and 16% cheaper than the equivalent at Sainsbury's (inc. delivery fees).

Availability of sustainable products was also patchy at supermarkets, with no major retailer stocking the full range of sustainable products to fill an average basket. The retailers focused on sustainability were able to meet the majority of our range, but their prices were on average 30% more expensive.

Finally, when comparing an average basket of 'non-sustainable' market-leading brands (e.g. Andrex for toilet paper, Heinz for baked beans) at the leading supermarkets to our average basket of sustainable products, we are on average 18% cheaper! That means you can shop more sustainably AND save money.

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