We always aim to be competitive with our pricing.

Our Zero Waste range is benchmarked against the wider market in similar products and ranges. As we own the entire supply chain and production of the Zero Waste range, we are able to create better savings and retail prices.

However, our Zero Waste range also comes with additional operational costs that packaged items don’t have. For example, our reusable pots and boxes are delivered, collected, washed and reused to save plastic and carbon. This process requires more resources which results in additional costs. We do our best to absorb these costs ourselves to ensure our prices are not excessive or out of reach, whilst still sourcing from sustainable suppliers that pay a fair price to farmers and their workers.

Our aim is to continuously improve the retail prices across our Zero Waste range. As the range grows and more people buy the products within it, it enables us to work with our suppliers on forecasting our raw material requirements up to a year in advance. This helps us to stabilize our prices by committing to products upfront, and ensure we continue to pay our partners properly for their products.

For example, we recently committed to increasing our loose leaf tea forecasts and crop planned 9 months worth of tea, as a result of the growing number of customers purchasing it. This protects availability and ensures our partners know how much to produce. We can then invest the savings we are able to make on long term commitments into the retail prices we offer, reducing the price of our loose leaf tea.

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