Your safety
Please be assured that we take all necessary steps to ensure your safety during the pandemic.


Our couriers are delivering all orders contact-free. They will leave your order at your front door (or in a specified safe place), and collect empties unattended from your safe place.

Zero waste boxes and pots
We are enforcing the highest possible hygiene standards for packing zero waste products and boxes.

  • No box is reused within less than a 72 hour period (it's usually much longer)

  • All Zero Waste pots are industrially cleaned by a specialist food cleaning company to food safety standards before being reused

  • Zero waste products are packed in a separate warehouse, with the minimum number of staff

Staff safety
We are committed to ensuring a safe and virus-free working environment for all staff.

  • All staff in the warehouse are required to wear a mask (except those exempt for medical reasons).

  • All staff must wash their hands before starting their shift and are encouraged to sanitise their hands at regular intervals with sanitiser available.

  • Pickers and packers work in opposite sides of the warehouse to reduce contact between teams as much as possible.

  • We have implemented 2 shifts to reduce the incidence of staff taking their breaks at the same time.

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