At Good Club we want to help everyone shop in as environmentally friendly way as possible. From the products we sell to the CO2 produced in delivery - we want to leave the smallest footprint possible.

This is why we offer our customers one free delivery at a set time each month.

It encourages customers to do one big monthly shop to stock up, rather than lots of  little ones throughout the month. And less deliveries means less delivery vans on our roads.

How it works
After you place your first order, you'll start receiving your free monthly deliveries. 

At the same time each month, you'll receive reminder emails letting you know that your next order deadline is approaching. Be sure to place your order before that date to receive free delivery.

Can I change my delivery date?
Each time you checkout, you are given the option to select a delivery date so it's always convenient for you. 

What happens if I miss the date?
No worries, you can still order but you'll be charged our standard delivery fee of £6.99.

Do I have to order each month?
No - just order as and when it suits you.

Will I be automatically sent products?
No - we don't send products automatically. You will not be charged for items without first checking out.

I don't want email reminders any more
Sure - no problem. Update your notification settings in your account settings.

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