We won't knowingly sell products that contain palm oil unless it's from a sustainable source. ‘Regular’ palm oil contributes heavily towards mass deforestation - but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we should avoid it completely. A number of NGOs support sustainable palm oil because...

  • replacing it with other vegetable oils has much more of a negative impact on the environment. A lot more land would be needed since palm trees produce 4 - 10 times more oil than other crops per unit of cultivated land 
  • in producing countries, millions of farmers and their families rely on work in the palm oil sector
  • replacing palm oil with something else isn’t always feasible because of the oil’s unique properties as a food ingredient 

We understand that some people choose to avoid palm oil because they’re not confident that it can be truly sustainable, or they don’t feel that there are enough rules around deforestation and sustainable palm oil - but for now, we believe that by focussing on using palm oil that’s been sourced responsibly and sustainably, we won’t be contributing towards mass deforestation, habitat loss, or human rights abuse that ‘regular’ palm oil is associated with. 

It’s something we continually check back on, to make sure our decision is well informed!

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