By sharing your invite link to Good Club, you’re offering your friends a free zero waste starter kit. They simply have to use your unique coupon code at the checkout. After they’ve successfully ordered, you will then receive a voucher for £10 off your next order.

What do I need to do / How do I share?
Head to your invite page in your account. From here you can copy your unique invite link or have it sent to your email address and/or mobile (if you have one saved with us). Paste the link into any messaging or social media platform. That's it!

Is there a minimum spend to claim the offer?
Yes. Both the referee and referrer need to spend at least £20 to claim your referral reward.

How can people use your referral link?
New people that you invite just need to click your invite link and place an order as normal - they don't need to do anything special. You'll see a list of people who have order using your link on your invite page.

How many friends can I refer?

As many as you want! The more the merrier.

Can I use several vouchers at the same time?

You cannot use several vouchers on a single order. However, you can collect as many coupons as friends you successfully refer. E.g. if you refer 10 friends, you’ll get £10 off your 10 next Good Club orders.

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