The very simple answer is: Yes! You can cancel at anytime, it takes 30 seconds to do so from your account setting page, and is effective immediately.

If your paid membership plan is yet to start (30 days from when you place your first order), you can cancel anytime up until midnight of the planned start date and you will not be charged.

Once you have been charged your membership fee, we have a 30 day cooling-off period that means if you'd like to cancel and you've not yet made an order since your membership was charged. Email us at and we'll refund the entire cost of your membership, close your account and remove all of your personal and payment details.

If you cancel anytime after the 30 day cooling off period, your account will be closed with immediate effect, your personal and payment details removed from our system and you will not be charged again.

If you have any further questions about our memberships, how it works or how it's charged, please do get in touch at 

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