We use DPD to deliver all our parcels nationwide. They are the UK's premier carbon neutral courier, and have just committed to replacing 550 of their vehicles with electric only.

"We’ve got plans to add over 100 more EVs to our fleet in 2019 as we begin our roll-out across the UK. We will double that in 2020, and double it again in 2021 to over 550 electric vehicles. Effectively, we’re already in a position to grow as fast as the manufacturers can supply the vehicles, so the more UK vehicles that are available, the faster the roll-out will be. In the meantime, we are continuing to explore all opportunities to reduce and neutralise our carbon footprint and provide smarter and more efficient urban delivery solutions.”

Dwain McDonald, DPD’s CEO

While the switch over to electric takes place, the company currently offset their carbon emissions which means that although they still run a large fleet of diesel vehicles, overall the service is carbon neutral. So while you may still see a diesel van pull up outside your house, you can rest assured that any carbon dioxide produced is offset and that longer-term DPD have their sights set on eradicating delivery emissions completely.

You can read more about DPD's environmental commitment here.

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