Good Club is a members-only shop that allows you to buy the best wholesome, ethical, and sustainable foods at wholesale prices up to 40% off the RRP. It's the same model as big wholesale chains like Costco, but specifically for organic and ethically produced groceries.

What members get

  • Access to thousands of organic, healthy and sustainable products at prices up to 40% lower than RRP
  • Free monthly delivery
  • Hassle-free returns
  • Make back the membership fee in savings — guaranteed (see 'Good Club Membership' promise)

Coming in 2020:

  • Zero waste products packed in returnable containers (coming soon)
  • Returnable delivery boxes with free collection (coming soon)

How the membership fee works
When you place your first order with us, your 30 day free trial begins. You will not be charged membership fee until the 30 days are up, and you will be notified by us before any money is taken. You can cancel any time easily and quickly from your account settings page

Read our cancelation policy.

Early bird membership
While we're still working on our zero waste service, we're offering our first customers a reduced annual membership of £2.50 per month (£30 paid annually) for the first year. This will be charged once your initial 30 day trial period is over.

The Good Club Membership Promise
We're confident that you'll save way more than your membership fee over the course of a year. Most people save that within their first few shops with us. However, if you don't manage to save at least the cost of your fee after your first year of membership, we'll refund the difference, no questions asked!

That way you're guaranteed to save when you shop with Good Club.

Means-tested free memberships
We believe everyone should have access to great quality food, no matter their income. If you're a low-income family, please email us at and we'll help you apply for a free membership.

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